The Sky is Falling!

chckIs this Chicken Little all over again? First it’s the summer door knockers, then the 10 companies advertising the same dealer program in the yellow Pages. now it is the phone and cable companies knocking on doors. Or it’s the huge company advertising “Do It yourself” security systems on the internet and shipping thousands every month. now the phone and cable companies are testing retail locations in malls and strip centers. where will it end?

What is the reality for those of us that deal in “Custom Security Solutions” for our customers? How many customers and/or sales have you lost to the summer door knockers? I suspect not as many as your emotions lead you to believe you have lost. we all know that prospective customers that are attracted to the dealer programs are so price sensitive that they are probably not our customers.

As for the huge company that ships thousands of “Do It yourself” systems, I would love to see the return and attrition statistics. I think we would all be surprised. who monitors the systems that are installed by the phone and cable companies? Are they CSAA 5 Star Central Stations? Are the Central Stations even located in this country? These are all very interesting questions.

The first retail security store I came across was located in the mall of America in minneapolis in 1997. They thought they were going to put all the security companies in the Twin Cities out of business. They were out of the security system business in less than 3 years and left selling nothing but gadgets, gimmicks and batteries. At the end of the day “High Quality Custom Security Solutions”, are sold, not bought on the internet, in a retail store, or on the door step. So you can stop looking up – the sky is not really falling!

I look forward to seeing all of you in July at Tan-Tar-A!

Bob Scales
ESA of missouri

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