The Cost of Not Embracing the Future

For more years than I care to recall I have been asked the same question: How does this association benefit my business and why should I be a member? Let me tell you why. Over the past several years our association has addressed several critical legislative issues as well as sponsored NTS training classes

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From the President – History Lesson

In July of 2008 our state association sponsored one of the most successful product shows and training events in its history. Our treasury at that time was at an all-time high at nearly $33,000. The following April in the Online Communicator Jim Morris, our President at the time expressed his concern regarding the effects our

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From the President – Fall Conference Huge Success

Our First Annual ESA of Missouri Fall Conference was an amazing success and one for the record books! We had three fantastic blockbuster Speakers: Merlin Guilbeau, Angela White and Ron Davis, The Tan-Tar-A Resort was beautiful, however most of all was the support of more than 20 of our members and guests. Additionally , we

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July 2016 Newsletter

Check out the July 2016 newsletter. July 2016 Newsletter Addition to the July State education report.  Greg Green Trained a Private Level 1 Class for Medicom in Columbia on June 6, 7, and 8.  11 students attended and all but one passed the test. All future tests will be via Laptop Computer, Tablet, or Ipad for

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