A Series of Amazing Successes

The photo above shows Homer Enriquez with Kantech Hattrix speaking on how companies can add cloud-based RMR to their services. 2016 Conference Our first Fall Conference in October of 2016 featured a visit from ESA’s Executive Director Merlin Guilbeau and President Angela White. Also, Ron Davis, President of Davis Mergers and Acquisitions Group was part of the

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Focus on the Future Fall Conference 2018

The 3rd Annual ESA of Missouri Conference will be held October 12-13, 2018 at Tan-Tar-A Resort at the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks in Osage Beach, Missouri. This is a Don't Miss Event and there is no charge to attend! The Focus on the Future 2018 conference features Cloud-Based Technology and How to Build

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Resources Management Pooling

Resources Management Pooling: The Commonalities of Successful Cloud-Based Access Control RMR Engines Resources Management Pooling is the grouping together of resources (assets, equipment, personnel, effort, methods, etc.) for the purposes of maximizing advantage and or minimizing risk. Resources Management Pooling is one of the underlying principles utilized when building a cloud-based access control recurring

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How to Manage the Unhappy Employee

Do you know people who aren’t happy unless they’re miserable? What’s even worse is that those people often feel compelled to share their misery with everyone around them! So, how do you manage the employee who spreads such negativity around your workplace? The first step is to look inward. Have you done all you

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What Happened to these Companies

Focus on the Future What Happened to these Companies? As we examine the growth of companies in our industry it may be wise to look at the past experiences of a few well-known companies in other industries. Kodak, Motorola, Sears and Blockbuster Video should be well recognized examples. Today, 2 of these 4 companies are

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I Don’t Need a Security System, I have a Dog!

A very good friend of mine was recently on a job site building an outdoor storage shed. The job was mostly completed on the first day, but he returned on the second day to finish up. He was basically ready to leave when the homeowner opened the back door to come out and talk to

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Anixter to Share Smart Building Technology Insights on Science Channel

This month, Anixter International Inc. (NySE:AXE) will provide an update on smart building technology on a new Science Channel series, Tomorrow’s World Today. Tomorrow’s World Today is a new technology-inspired television program dedicated to exploring topics such as sustainability, educating viewers on new technology, and showcasing worldwide concepts around innovation. Tomorrow’s World Today will air

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