I Don’t Need a Security System, I have a Dog!

A very good friend of mine was recently on a job site building an outdoor storage shed. The job was mostly completed on the first day, but he returned on the second day to finish up. He was basically ready to leave when the homeowner opened the back door to come out and talk to him. At that same time a German Shepherd the size of a Ford Ranger came running out very aggressively, and unfortunately bit my friend. It was bad enough that he had to go the emergency room.

When the hospital found out the cause of the injury, they were required by law to inform Animal Control (or the Health Department, or whoeverhas authority over such things). Now there is a chance that the customer will be required to surrender their dog!

Expectations of situations rarely match the reality of what happens. You don’t need a security system because you have a dog? A dog may not act as you expected when an incident actually occurs. It is similar when people claim that they don’t need a security system because they have a gun. First, you have to be at home to use your gun! Since the average break in is during regular business hours, through the front door, you probably don’t even get a chance to take action on your own anyway! If you are at home during an attempted break in, just what do you suppose you’re going to do about it if you’re sitting at dinner with pizza sauce all over your hands, in the shower, or in bed asleep? In addition, responsible gun owners know that even though it is your RIGHT to protect your property and your life, you do not want to shoot someone if you don’t have to.

I realize I’m preaching to the choir here, but it seems like the more that reality contradicts people’s perceptions, the more they want to argue that they don’t need us! Still, this industry is a great industry to be in, even when faced with people who aren’t aware of how much they don’t know. I hope I continue to get the chance to help people learn how things happen, and how they can improve their safety and security for a long time to come!

Bryan Morris
VP ESA of Missouri
American Detection Specialist, Inc.

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