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From the President – Dance with the one who brung you

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I think most if not all of you will agree with my observation that we have seen more changes in our Industry in the past 5 years that the previous 20 years combined. When we look back 25 years dealer programs were just beginning to have a minimal impact on “entry level” security system pricing. Internet sales were non-existent and the only door-to-door work

Upcoming Quarterly Meetings

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As many of you may be aware we have decided to change 3 of our 4 ESA of Missouri Quarterly Meetings. These 3 Meetings will be Teleconference Calls rather than Meetings that have required Travel and Time away from your Business and Family. We feel that by scheduling the Teleconference Calls Mid Week and at

From the President The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly For the past few years our focus seems to have been primarily on issues at a state level. Although state legislative issues can have a huge impact on our members businesses we can’t ignore the damage that can occur when a municipality acts with and/or without involving our

From the President – Why Join the Association

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I have been asked before and recently asked again “why should I join your Alarm Association?” My response, almost without thinking, is always the same. The reason is simple and pure: you become a part of something that can become as important to you as your company. On a local, state and national level we

From the President – Sweet Summertime

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Well it must be Summer again because They’re back. No, not aliens- the summer door knockers! A few weeks ago a manand woman team from a Utah Company were arrested in Grandview, MO. They were charged with Felony Exploitation of the Elderly and misdemeanor Deceptive Business Practices. They had sold a wireless Security System that

Knock, Knock…Who’s There?

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After enduring nearly 2 feet of snow in less than a week, the last week of February in Kansas City, it is wonderful to know that Spring is just around the corner. Unfortunately that also means that the summer door knockers will be out in force. The dynamics of the door knockers appear to be

We Win!

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From the President Bryan morris, vice President of theESA of MO, recently sent me a copy ofa bulletin from the minneapolis PoliceDepartment regarding unlicensed com-panies soliciting alarm business door-to- door, and detailing the horrible job they were doing. At great length Bryan also shared with me concerns about companies in-stalling systems in Greene county, MO