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What Happened to these Companies

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Focus on the Future What Happened to these Companies? As we examine the growth of companies in our industry it may be wise to look at the past experiences of a few well-known companies in other industries. Kodak, Motorola, Sears and Blockbuster Video should be well recognized examples. Today, 2 of these 4 companies are

Continuing to Focus on the Future – 2018 Fall Conference

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The response to the 2017 Fall Conference and its focus on new recurring monthly revenue offered by video alarm verification was amazing.The Tan-Tar-A Resort also was the perfect venue for our conference. The weather was beautiful and all that attended enjoyed the weekend away from the office with family and friends in addition to the

ESA of Missouri Fall Conference Success

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The Fall Conference Success this past October is to the credit of several crucial factors: Our Focus on the creation of New RMR Opportunities offered by Video Alarm Verification had broad appeal; Our sponsors Honeywell, Alarm Central, Centerpoint Technologies, DMP and Central Dispatch; Our panel of speakers, Jeff Herdman, Keith Canova, Doug Rieman, Duane Kugler

Focus on the Future

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Focus on the Future Here we are on the eve of our second ESA of Missouri Fall Conference. We couldn’t ask for a better venue, The Tan-Tar-A Resort at Osage Beach, Missouri. Last year’s conference was an enormous success with fantastic speakers, beautiful early October weather and most importantly, all of you that attended.

The Cost of Not Embracing the Future

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For more years than I care to recall I have been asked the same question: How does this association benefit my business and why should I be a member? Let me tell you why. Over the past several years our association has addressed several critical legislative issues as well as sponsored NTS training classes

From the President – History Lesson

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In July of 2008 our state association sponsored one of the most successful product shows and training events in its history. Our treasury at that time was at an all-time high at nearly $33,000. The following April in the Online Communicator Jim Morris, our President at the time expressed his concern regarding the effects our

From the President – Fall Conference Huge Success

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Our First Annual ESA of Missouri Fall Conference was an amazing success and one for the record books! We had three fantastic blockbuster Speakers: Merlin Guilbeau, Angela White and Ron Davis, The Tan-Tar-A Resort was beautiful, however most of all was the support of more than 20 of our members and guests. Additionally , we

From the President – Dance with the one who brung you

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I think most if not all of you will agree with my observation that we have seen more changes in our Industry in the past 5 years that the previous 20 years combined. When we look back 25 years dealer programs were just beginning to have a minimal impact on “entry level” security system pricing. Internet sales were non-existent and the only door-to-door work